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Iraan General Hospital Swing Bed Program

Iraan General Hospital offers a "Swing Bed/Skilled Nursing Service" Program. The staff at Iraan General Hospital wants to help you get back into the "Swing" of independent living. Don't feel bad if you have never heard of the term "Swing Bed", you're not alone. The term Swing Bed came from the idea that a patient would "swing" or transition from an acute care hospital stay, through the program and return home. The goal is, for the patient to return home at the same level of independence prior to entering the hospital. Swing bed is 24 hour skilled nursing care PLUS the benefit of "rehabilitation" or physical therapy. This helps to ease the transition to home or a long term care facility, if needed. Swing bed is like a bridge from the hospital before going home. It gives the patient additional time to heal, gain strength and adjust before returning to everyday life. Swing Bed is an option that can help a patient rehabilitate from surgery, illness or an accident. Swing Bed services offer a variety of benefits. One of the best benefits is that swing bed programs are typically in rural communities, at your local hospital. This makes recovering easier because you're close to home, surrounded by family and friends. This information will help you decide if Swing Bed Services are a good fit for you or your family member.

If you find yourself needing more time to recover from a surgery, illness or injury, a Swing Bed program would allow you to recover in a local hospital setting, verses a nursing home or rehabilitation facility, miles from home. A patient may qualify for "Swing Bed" Services when their hospital stay goes beyond three days, because of a condition requiring extended care. There are no age restrictions.

Who needs Swing Bed Care?

Patients who need rehabilitation after surgery (hip, knee replacements, etc)
Stroke patients
Patients needing to regain strength and mobility
Patients needing specialized wound care
Patients receiving IV antibiotic therapy
Palliative Care
Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab

What type of Care is provided?

Skilled Nursing to monitor certain conditions
Physical Therapy for patients after surgery or stroke
IV therapy/infusions
Wound Care/diabetic or post surgical
Education/ monitoring of new medications
End of Life Care
Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab

Who Pays for Swing Bed?

The Swing bed program is a hospital based program and Medicare is the primary payer of the services that meet the required criteria. However, many commercial insurance companies also provide swing bed coverage. Private pay is also an option. A patient must have had a three night qualifying stay in an acute care setting in the past 30 days. You could be in the program for as little as 3 days, or up to 100 days. Medicare pays 100% of the total charges for the first 20 days and pays for up to 100 days with varying co-pay charges.

Our Swing Bed program can provide care to patients that really need care for those few additional days or weeks. In this program, the patient usually stays in the same bed and receives the same or similar continued care, as received with their initial hospital stay. The patient may also have been hospitalized in an out-of-town facility, ( San Angelo, Midland, Lubbock, etc) and be transferred back to Iraan General Hospital, after a surgery or care, for their swing bed stay. The swing bed team welcomes family and friends to visit during the patient's stay. We want our patients to feel at home and encourage family to bring pictures, a favorite chair, computer, other hobbies or items from home. A visit from a family pet may be "just what the doctor orders".

Swing bed services operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. IGH Swing Bed Program utilizes a professional team that includes Physicians, Physical Therapist, Dietician, Activities coordinator, and Registered and Licensed Nurses and assistants. For additional information on Our Swing Bed Program, Chief Nursing Officer at 432-639-3514.

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